Welcome to writeresumesright! This blog exists to: (1) help the fine folks at American Management Association (AMACOM) spread the word far and wide about their fall 2014 launch of Second Edition, The Elements of Résumé Style: Essential Rules for Writing Résumés and Cover Letters That Work; (2) announce the return of 1:1 résumé consultations with the author, thanks to popular demand comprised of busy people who insist on spending $329 for a private e-consult instead of around 10 bucks for the book; (3) create a dynamic repository of connections to useful tools for active career seekers; (4) share thoughts on strategies for transcending challenges facing active career seekers.

This blog would not exist if not for WordPress and Jackie Kellso, President of Pointmaker Communications, whose excellent WordPress blog, pointmakercommunications.com, inspired this one. Jackie’s guidance was invaluable, and her blog will stand as my very first recommended tool for active career seekers open to maximizing interpersonal effectiveness in any workplace.

In case you wonder what I mean by “active career seeker” — here’s a relevant snippet from the book:

Gather information, make the most informed decision you can and then support your decision by pursuing it with vigor. Focus on it like a laser beam. Learn the requirements for entering the field. Are you willing to meet those requirements? If not, move on. If so, do everything in your power to make it happen. Make the time. Ask your loved ones for understanding and support. Get the training. Look into available grants and scholarships and student loans. Earn the cer­tification. Pass the exams. Get the license. Find success­ful organizations where you can pursue your chosen path and enthusiastically target them with inquiry letters and résumé. In short, be an active seeker.

-excerpted from Second Edition, The Elements of Résumé Style: Essential Rules for Writing Résumés and Cover Letters That Work

Ciao for now.

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