How Does It Work?

I tell everyone who asks…

You have two options: (A) the book: (paperback, audio / Audible, or e-book / Kindle) at or (B) a 1:1 e-mail consultation with the author ($399). I strongly recommend the former! If you insist on the latter…

Ordering is easy, secure, and confidential:

(1) Send your best attempt at current résumé — attached as MS-Word or PDF or text, or typed directly in the body of your message — to

(2) Send secure and confidential payment in the amount of US$399 using MasterCard or Visa or American Express or Discover — go to Paypal, SEND to

(3) I will then ask you by e-mail to provide candid and timely responses to tailored questions, so I can continue the tradition of sending each new résumé within 10 days of order. I remain humbled by the overwhelming number of wonderful success stories* and exceedingly kind referrals for 1:1 résumé consultations.

Ciao for now.

*Top success story to-date: WM of NJ received job offers from three employers within 21 days of receiving her new document. Brava!

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