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I respect your privacy. Unless your cookies are chocolate, I have no interest in learning more about them.

I don’t know your identity and do not collect such information, except as follows: When you voluntarily reveal your identity and contact information to send an inquiry or place an order. In such cases, I will use the information to respond to your inquiry or provide the product or service you have ordered. I may also contact you to provide you with information I think may be of value to you. If I am legally required to reveal identity and contact information to law enforcement, I will do so. I collect technical information (domains, browsers, and referring sites, for example) in order to develop and maintain in ways intended to serve the greatest number of active career seekers most effectively. Each advertiser has its own privacy policy. See advertiser sites to get this information. Contact if you have questions about this policy.

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Giant thanks to attorney Wayne D. Bennett for his invaluable guidance.

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